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Sri Lanka’s Best Art Galleries: Contemporary Culture in Colombo and Beyond | The Culture Trip

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Sri Lanka, the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, has a distinctive art scene and bustling cultural life. The capital Colombo is home to the annual Colombo Art Biennale and the Kala Pola festival, making it one of the liveliest cultural destinations in South East Asia. Here are the best places to discover Sri Lanka’s growing contemporary art scene, from Colombo to Galle and beyond.

Saskia Fernando Gallery

Saskia Fernando Gallery has been on the scene since 2009 and remains at the forefront of the contemporary new wave. This sleek gallery, which recently moved to new premises at Horton Place, showcases the work of emerging and established Sri Lankan artists, such as Yohan Medhanka, Anoma Wijewardene and Chammika Jayawardena, and exhibits installations, sculptures and paintings. This new space also hosts PR, Colombo’s first fashion concept store, owned by Annika Fernando, which specialises in clothes and accessories with a strong design…

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Working for the health of the many: How Asher Hasan is bringing insurance coverage to Pakistan’s low-income workers

Impressed by the good work of corporations like Unilever in participating in this system. The “informal economy” of domestic workers in developing countries like Pakistan, India, the UAE, South Africa and much of the developing world is inherently problematic. Any steps to legitimize this work is a welcome change to society

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Growing up in the UK and coming of age in Pakistan, TEDIndia Fellow Asher Hasan observed a vast discrepancy: those with and without access to basic healthcare, and the devastating social consequences of this disparity. He tells TED Blog the story of how he witnessed a single health disaster ruin the hopes of his childhood friends, and how this compelled him to attempt to transform a broken healthcare system with his Pakistan-based health micro-insurance company, Naya Jeevan, which offers not only quality, affordable healthcare to the urban poor, but also the financial and social inclusion the rest of us take for granted.

What does your organization do, and why?

The name Naya Jeevan traces its roots from Sanskrit, and means “new life” in modern Hindi and Urdu. We are committed to bringing low-income families in the emerging world out of poverty by providing them with affordable access to quality…

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